Milan Nankov

Milan Nankov

Azure Resource Policy Designer is now Open-source

Several months ago I announced a pet project of mine called Azure Resource Policy Designer which makes it easy to create and edit Azure resource policies. If you are new to resource policies please make sure to check out our video on the topic

In a nutshell, resource policies allow us to create rules which have to be enforced when Azure resources are created. For example, there can be a policy to enforce resource naming patterns. While very powerful, policies are defined using JSON which can quickly get out of hand. Azure Resource Policy Designer allows us to work visually with those files thus making this process less error-prone and more intuitive.

Azure Resource Policy Designer design service

 The live app is available at https://resourcepolicydesigner.azurewebsites.net/ but you can now deploy the app on your own environment if you desire.

The source code is available at https://github.com/milannankov/azure-resource-policy-designer



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